Michelle duQuesnay (n. Michelle duQuesnay-Jones)


Michelle is a multi-disciplinary artist, focusing on sculpture, woodworking, and photography.

She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from OCAD University (Ontario College of Art and Design).

Michelle duQuesnay was elected into the Sculptors Society of Canada (SSC) in 2011. She served on the SSC Executive Board between 2011-2013.

Originally from Toronto, Ontario (Canada) and after spending time abroad, she currently resides on a small homestead in Elora, Ontario (Canada).

As you step into Michelle's world, imagination takes the lead, guiding you through a whimsical landscape where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary.​

The magic lies in the open-ended narratives she weaves, entrusting the storytelling to the beholder.

Michelle’s body of work is a celebration of the human experience, where exploration and wonder are the guiding stars.

beyond art

Beyond her artistic pursuits, Michelle is an active organic gardener and advocate for a healthy and sustainable food system. With a keen interest in understanding the impact of growing practices on soil health, she is committed to learning and applying methods that contribute to soil restoration. 

Michelle’s commitment extends to environmental stewardship, as she proactive takes steps to enhance the native biodiversity and overall health of her small woodlot. 

Her holistic approach to living harmoniously with nature underscores her dedication to both artistic expression and sustainable living practices. 

Through her art, she prompts contemplation about our role in the broader ecosystem, fostering a strong appreciation for nature's wonders and our vital part in its ever-evolving story.

other creative pursuits

If you are interested in seeing some of Michelle’s other creative endeavors, please visit the following sites.

Forest + Fauna is a collection of artfully handcrafted and sustainable wood products.

Creative, Portrait, & Commercial Photographer